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Material Item Lists

Content Settings

This content setting option for Material Item Lists.

Lists Option

  1. Add Item: Click the add item button, and you will get a new item list.

List Item Options

Click on any item list you will get these options

  1. Icon Color: Choose an icon color if you set an icon.
  2. Icon Background Color: Choose an icon background color if you set an icon.
  3. Title: You can set your List item title.
  4. Content: You can set your List item description.
  5. Icon: There are two options available. Select Elementor Icon or Use Custom Icon. If you don’t need to add any settings icon, then click the none option.
  6. Title Color: Select a title font color.
  7. Content Color: Select a color for the list item description.
  8. Content Background Color: Pick a background color for the list item.
  9. Link: You can add link for each item.

Style Settings

The content settings are divided into five various sections.


  1. Direction: Here, you can select the icon direction.
  2. Content Padding: You can set content padding.
  3. Space Between Box: Here, you can set the spacing between two item boxes.
  4. Border Radius: You can set item box border-radius.


  1. Icon Size: You can set the icon size.
  2. Icon Box Width: You can set the icon box width.


  1. Image Width: If you set an image here, you can set the image width.


  1. Typography: Here, you can set typography for your title.
  2. Title Spacing: You can set spacing for your title.


  1. Typography: You can set typography for your content.
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