Contributing to WordPress

WordPress Community Contributions

WordPress is a web development framework. It is creating high-level web applications and as well as web projects. Plus, we are deeply involved in building WordPress apps development. Contributing to WordPress is a great thing. As well as, we are striving in diverse ways. Like giving patches to WordPress Core, creating free or premium WordPress themes and plugins, translating WordPress, helping in support forums, and much more!

In the last ten years, we are fully involved in WordPress. Now, we say that we have analyzed WordPress from inside to out. It has allowed us to learn a lot about the technical stack and the Community. In terms of technical stacks like extensibility, performance, and as well as strength.

Contribution to WordPress

Our Free WordPress Plugins

We developed hundreds of WordPress plugins for our clients. Plus, we gave some of our plugins to the plugin directory. Here, we list out our free plugins!

🤘 Participation in WordCamp 🤘

We like to work with the WordPress community. As well as, we are always striving in WordCamp. Here, we joined such a path, like volunteering, sponsoring, talking workshops, speaking, and giving WordPress peers.

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WordCamp Ahmedabad


WordCamp Nashik


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WordCamp Udaipur


WordCamp Nagpur


WordCamp Mumbai


WordCamp Vadodara


Contribution to WordPress

To Drive the Community Forward

We co-organized WordCamps, meetups, and as well as contributor days around the world. Plus, we strive in discussions of the future of CMS and WordPress.

Days of Contributor and Hackatons

We still help business owners and beginner users who are interested in WordPress. Plus, we hack together with extra activists heavily involved with the development and the growth of WordPress.

Contributor Days and Hackatons​

Contributions to WordPress

Our team has more than a hundred WordPress projects practice. We are willing to WordPress. Such as Core, themes, plugins, and as well as patches to many projects. Plus, we value the code quality and strive for higher technical standards.

Contribution to WordPress

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