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Frequently Asked Questions

Que: Can I Add Multiple Listing Item Lists to a Single Page?

Ans: Yes, you can. Item Lists for Elementor plugin gives you the ability to add multiple list styles on the same page.

Que: Can I Change Color or Customize the List Style as Per my Wish?

Ans: Yes, you can customize it. We provided all possible options in the backend to update it from default list elements.

Que: Does Item Lists for Elementor give me Total Control of my List Styles?

Ans: Yes, Item Lists for Elementor gives you total control of your list styles. You need to set up everything correctly and play with it. You may get more than your expectations.

Que: Is Item Lists for Elementor Plugin Free to Use?

Ans: Yes! Item Lists for Elementor Plugin is free.

Que: Where Can I Ask for Help?

Ans: Please reach out via the official support forum on WordPress.org.

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