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1. Will This Plugin Work With Elementor Or Any WordPress Theme?

Yes. It is an Elementor plugin, and it will work with Elementor only.

2. Can This Plugin Work with or without WooCommerce Plugin?

Yes, this plugin Work with or without WooCommerce Plugin.

3. Do You Provide Customer Support?

Yes, we have a support portal here.

4. Does this plugin support Font Awesome 4?

Yes, follow the steps below:
1) Go to the WordPress admin dashboard of your website.
2) Navigate to the Elementor settings.
3) Look for the “Advanced” settings or options related to Elementor.
4) Find the option to “Enable Load Font Awesome 4 Support” and make sure it is turned on or enabled. This will allow the use of Font Awesome 4 icons, which will be necessary to display the five stars.

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