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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions (FAQ) where users use this plugin with their WooCommerce store.

Que: Can I block multiple email domains?
Ans: Yes, Fake Customer Blocker plugin gives you the ability to block multiple domains same time. You just need to wite all those domains one by one per new line.a

Que: I want to block customers which may use an email address like ‘test@gmail.com’, How can I do this?
Ans: Go to Fake Customer Blocker settings page under WooCommerce menu and write text ‘test’ with a new line and click on Save Changes button. Now, customers can’t create an order with any email address which contains text like a test.

Que: Can I change the message for admin notices on the frontend?
Ans: Yes, there are options available in the backend as admin can update the messages like an email message, account details message, downloads message.

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