Fake Customer Blocker for WooCommerce

Plugin Support


We would like to hear all queries and suggestions from your end. If you’re thinking of requiring any new services or custom terms with our plugin, do not wait. We’re happy to listen and give full support to all free and premium items. Kindly leave your email us at info@techeshta.com.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are the frequently asked questions (FAQ) where users use this plugin with their WooCommerce store. Que: Can I block multiple email domains? Ans: Yes, the Fake Customer Blocker plugin gives you the ability to block multiple domains simultaneously. You only need to write all those domains one by one per new line. Que: I want to block customers, which may use an email address like ‘test@gmail.com’. How can I do this? Ans: Go to the Fake Customer Blocker settings

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Plugin Features


Key plugin features mentioned below: Block emails for signup based on single and as well as multiple Banned Domains. A Block new orders with WooCommerce notice. Block existing WooCommerce fake orders. Custom Error messages at every step. Easy to set up, and as well as no coding skill required! Well Documented

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Downloads Message


For existing spam orders, customers can’t download their free items. Yes, we are giving one more chance to download their items. But they have to change their email address to any real one like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. And until that downloads error message will be displayed on the user account’s front end on the order details and downloads page. Downloads Message – Customer Blocker for WooCommerce You can add or update your text instead of our default error message.

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Register/ Edit Profile Page Message


We just blocked our new spam customer from the WooCommerce checkout page. What about if a client or customer will come from WordPress or WooCommerce registration page. We should restrict that section as well. Plus think about, existing orders that create before our plugin installation. There are two things we can do: Directly block that customer to banned their logins via any third-party plugin like User Blocker. Provide one more chance to spam customers to change their email address to any real email

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Checkout Page Message


We should add a custom error message for the checkout page. So, end-users can get an idea of what’s wrong with their email address. If that email address, coming from banned domains. Just let you know, you can update the default error message to any other Message. It should not be blank as per the plugin’s terms. If you make it blank then, the default error message will have displayed on the frontend. Checkout Message: Customer Blocker for WooCommerce. There

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Banned Domains


There are many live websites available online. Where you can create a fake email address for 24 hours to one month, if you’re giving any free items with your WooCommerce store, customers will generally use those email address services, create a user account with your site, and download those free items. Where a business aspect, we may send an email to our customers regularly via newsletters or discount coupons to their dashboard. But, the customer used a fake email address on checkout or website

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