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Checkout Page Message

We should add custom error message for checkout page. So, end-user can get an idea what’s wrong with their email address if that email address coming from banned domains.

Just let you know, you can update default error message to any other message but that should not be blank as per plugin’s requirements. If you will make it blank then default error message will be displayed on frontend.


There are some message examples available below. So, you can directly copy and paste with your plugin settings.

  • Please update your email address to any real email address.
  • Sorry, you can’t use any fake email addresses to make spam orders with the site. Try real email addresses like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
  • Sorry, you can’t use any personal email addresses like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. You should provide your business email address like info@website.com
  • Sorry, your email address looking like you are a spammer for our website. Kindly use another email address to complete the order.
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