Techeshta first item available now on CodeCanyon 🎉


We are delighted to announce that our first item available on CodeCanyon and available now for purchase! We hope you agree that we will help you to create great products at our end and in the future, that will more count available with our store to find the best products to resolve your problems.

What a start to August 2018! We struggled last month to create our first premium plugin as a business solution and we succeed. As we know, WooCommerce is the best eCommerce solution nowadays to create small and medium scale online stores with WordPress. But, when you are dealing with free items and services to get good clients then there is a 99% possibility that you will get spam visitors and end-users to download your free items.

Yes, let me explain it!

Websites like provide you a unique email id for 24 hours. But, that will not run or receive any email then after. So, whether your customer comes to your site and signup (or done registration) with that email addresses then there 100% guarantee that any future newsletter from your end will not receive to actual customers.

Fake Customer Blocker for WooCommerce
Fake Customer Blocker for WooCommerce

Fake Customer Blocker for WooCommerce

The WordPress plugin not only works on the checkout page for WooCommerce orders but will give you the capability to block new registration with the banned domains. This is our very item available on CodeCanyon and we hope for more products shortly.

Best fits for:

  • New Startup Company to avoid Spam Registrations
  • WooCommerce Store with Downloadable Products
  • Block Existing Spam Orders to download items

Another good stuff from the team, we redesigned our ready-made template site to a new custom design website. Now, you can easily find us and very useful information provided by our services. Let us know what you think about our first product – email us at for your valuable feedback.

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