How to provide Bonus Product feature to WooCommerce Store?


Every eCommerce store owners or managers love to provide discounts, coupons, etc. to get good customer masks and boost sales. Our life is a full set of online shopping and getting products with some discount rates. Somewhere, online distributors are also looking to provide Gift or Bonus product feature to WooCommerce store if their website is running with WordPress + WooCommerce.

Thinking to provide Bonus Product feature to WooCommerce Store
Thinking to provide Bonus Product feature to WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce is a powerful eCommerce platform for WordPress where you can sell anything like physical, digital, etc. items. It’s too easy to provide a discount via the sale price of the item but when you want to gift a product from the store on the purchase of somewhat item then you have to do some brainstorming.

Let’s see how that is possible with the Bonus Product for WooCommerce plugin.

1. WooCommerce Setup with somewhat products


You should have WooCommerce installed with the site and also, some products also available for sale. There is a below screenshot that will show how that product’s store will look like in the backend when you have products with the WooCommerce store.

Products with WooCommerce Setup
Products with WooCommerce Setup

Here, you can see there are multiple products available with the different categories where you can create a combination to provide a gift as a bonus product on the purchase of the same category or vice versa for the product.

2. Install and setup Bonus Product for WooCommerce plugin (Marketing WooCommerce Add-on)


Detailed documentation was already available to install and activate a plugin. Once its setup is done then you will get a new tab under the WooCommerce settings panel and you can do General, Filters, or Individual Product settings to provide a bonus option.

There are a lot of options you can see to create unlimited bonus product variations like,

  • Give a bonus for the same category selection
  • Provide a bonus with a specific product selection
  • Give a bonus with individual product selection
  • Provide a bonus within multiple category selections
  • Provide this feature when x products available in the cart
  • And much more…

After successful requirements meet with the plugin settings, customers or site visitors will see a label – ‘Bonus Product Included!’ on the front-end.

Front-end Label - Bonus Product for WooCommerce
Front-end Label – Bonus Product for WooCommerce

Whether you will see, Bonus product included! label with the product detail page then it means there is a special gift available for you 😊

3. Pick your gift on the cart page


Click on Add to cart button to start the process of purchasing that item. And then WooCommerce will show you a notification for the cart page.

Now, your main journey will start to choose your gift or bonus!

Cart page will show you one extra column – Bonus Product where one drop-down available to select a possible item from the collection. Once you will select an item from the collection then you should client on Add Bonus Product link that available next to a drop-down field.

Cart page with Bonus Product - Bonus Product for WooCommerce
Cart page with Bonus Product – Bonus Product for WooCommerce

Now, complete your next step with the checkout steps and make your payment. You will get one plus one product with the store.
All the above 3 steps in the bulletin list,

How to provide it to your customers?


Flow for the customers or site visitors,

  • Go to a shop or store of the website,
  • Find products that you want to purchase and then
  • Just click on Add to Cart for the product purchase
  • The special column will available with the cart page to select a bonus product from the collection list
  • Make a payment and get your bonus, feel the experience like Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Is it really interesting? See live demo.

The best part is that this is a stand-alone WooCommerce marketing add-on available with the introductory price currently. It may be possible that the price will increase after some days.

Looking for more assistance with Bonus Product for WooCommerece? and if we missed any feature that should have with this WordPress plugin then, let us know in the comment section or via the Contact Us – page. We’re happy to serve you!

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