How to Create and Start a WordPress Blog?


WordPress is one of the free open source content management system (CMS). It is the most recommended platform for creating a website or blog. WordPress is an excellent solution for extremely in this regard, you can simply seek the help of a trusted, reputed WordPress website design and development company to help you. Now, we have decided to guide how to create and start a WordPress blog without any coding skills required.

1.  Choose a Domain Name and Web Hosting

The first step is a purchase web hosting services; it allows your blog accessible via the internet to all the world and then gives domain name to your blog. The domain name is the permanent address of your blog and use of this name people can reach your blog. These both are a vital process for blog creation.

2. Installation Process of WordPress

If you want to create a blog in the WordPress platform then you can install a WordPress. It’s extremely easy and there is no need for any prior knowledge of designing websites. After installing complete the signup process and log in your account. Then the users are complete the required details. After this process, your blog dashboard is ready to be accessed.

3. Write your First Blog

To write your blog, go to your WordPress dashboard menu click on the post then add new. Then you can see an editor area that allows you can write your blog and also adds images or videos in the content. Once you are writing your blog post then you will complete other sections like categories and tags. Now, if you face any problems with editors then you can hire trusted WordPress development services.

4. Add Plugins and Customizations

After writing your blog, if you want to add themes and plugins for your blog you can add it. There is a huge collection of free WordPress plugin available which can select per the requirements of users. These themes give an attractive look to your blog. The user can choose the theme according to their needs and install them into the blog. The installation of the theme is also a simple task. Go to the appearance tab and select the themes and click the ‘Add New’ button and select your theme.

5. Add More Functionality to your Blog

If you want to more advanced functionality to your blog then you can also add it. Like add social media button, add SEO plugin, content form and much more. User can think any features to add in the blog, WordPress provides a plugin to satisfaction among the user. There are thousands of free plugins are available in WordPress as well as available premium plugins also. If a user wants to look for exact functionality, then the user can contact us any custom web development services.
After reading the whole post, you can clearly understand how to build a WordPress blog post. Just follow the steps and build your own blog. We hope this blog answered your questions about creating a WordPress blog post.

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