Top 5 Figma Plugins for Improving Your Design Workflow


Nowadays, Figma is one of the flagships among cloud-based design, as well as a prototyping tool for digital projects. Also, Figma becomes more and more convenient, more user-friendly, and Figma plugins are clear evidence of it. It’s made so that users can collaborate on projects and work pretty much anywhere. Figma helps teams to create, test, and ship better designs from start to finish. In this blog, we discuss the Figma plugins.

Plugins give easy as well as intuitive ways to increase your abilities in Figma. They always help at the right time to optimize and automate routine as well as repetitive tasks – with the name of the layers, with search, with grouping, adding special functions, such as adding useful content to mock-ups.

Let’s take a look at some best Figma plugins for improving your design workflow as well as boost productivity.

1. Figmotion

This Figmotion plugin is an animation tool developed in Figma. It allows you to complex animation in a more convenient way without the need to switch to a completely separate motion tool such as Principle, Haiku, or After Effects. So you can change its position, opacity, size, fill color, stroke size, color opacity, as well as much more. You can also change the transition with graph editor the same as after-effects. Figmotion makes the animation hand-off to developers more manageable as well as it is built with web technologies in mind.

2. Viewports

The Viewports are a genuinely useful plugin for changing the sizes of your frames to your preferred device. In the First step, you will need to set up constraints on your elements after then you can launch Viewports and use it. Now, you can see how your mockup will look in the selected frame size. Additionally, One of the most useful aspects of this plugin is that for each frame size, make sure that your designs are covering a reasonable share of the market.

3. Figma Chat

Figma Chat
Figma Chat
This Figma Chat plugin helps you to interact inside your files with other peoples by sending texts and sharing actual frames or other elements. You need only select the elements you want to send to other people and tick the checkbox. So, when you work on the group, you don’t need to use other apps like Slack, hangouts, etc.

4. Isometric


This Isometric plugin allows you to create isometric layers without manually having to set them up.

The use of this plugin follows the following step.

1. Choose Your Layer
2. Right Click > Isometric
3. Select Your Perspective

5. Content Reel

Content Reel
Content Reel

This Content Reel plugins help you pull text strings, avatars, as well as icons into your designs easily. First, select one or more layers in your design file, then choose from avatar images, icons, names, companies, phone numbers, numbers, date, time details and more, to replace standard dummy content.


All in all, the Figma plugins give users new ways to make the design process much more efficient. I hope you enjoyed my short blog on the Top 5 Figma plugins that I use daily. Still more awesome content to come. So stay tuned!

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