5 Most Common WordPress Errors and Their Solutions


WordPress offers a free user-friendly interface and flexible compared to other platforms. If you are a beginner in WordPress and facing these types of errors then it’s can be difficult if you cannot find the proper solution. We are an insight into your annoyance. Every person has to start someplace. So we are here to list out the 5 most common WordPress errors and give a simple solution to this error.

1.  Error Establishing a Database Connection


All WordPress users are familiar with establishing a database connection error. Whenever you see this error, you can keep in mind your WordPress site is cannot connect to the database.

Generally, this error can happen whenever your database details are incorrect otherwise your database server is down.


Check your wp-config.php File

Check your wp-config.php file information, this file holds all the database information that was entered in the installation time. Now, check the details are correct, if not then correct it. Like database name, username, password and database host. This file can be found in the root directory of your WordPress installation.

Use WordPress Repair Tool

Click the right side on your WordPress dashboard, now you can see a message like a database needs repair. You can use the suggested WordPress repair tool and fix it.

Talk to your Hosting Provider

If the above solution is not working, then kindly talk to your hosting provider. They should tell you if something wrong on the server-side. If the database has reached the maximum size limit.

2. Internal Server Error


The internal server error is another WordPress common error that must occur at least once, and also very confusing error because of not specific solutions. It can be occurred by an insufficient memory limit of PHP, corrupted .htaccess, plugin functions or theme.


Increase the PHP Memory Limit

This error also occurs by insufficient PHP memory. To open the wp-config.php file via FTP and add the following code.

define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘64M’);

There is an increase in the PHP memory limit to 64MB. Now your insufficient memory problem is solved. But remember one thing in mind, all hosts are not allowed to increase memory limit from your end, so in this case, you need to contact your host before you do it.

Deactivate all your Plugins

Solve these errors, the best idea is that to connect wp-content via FTP and deactivate all your plugins and then reactivate the one by one and find which particular plugin occurs the error.

Replace to a Default Theme

Another powerful solution is that, open your wp-content/themes folder via FTP and replaces your current theme with the default theme and rename the folder.

3. White Screen of Death Error


As the name suggests, the screen will just display a plain white screen with no error message. That’s why this is so confusing because it does not show an error message or code.


Follow the same step mentioned above like deactivate all your plugins and Increase the memory limit.

Enable the Debug Feature

If the above solutions are still not working, then you can put this code in your wp-config.php file.

Define (‘WP_DEBUG’, true);

This code shows all warnings, notices, errors on your pages.

4. 404 Not Found on Posts


This error only occurs when you change in permalinks without change the original URL and it also occurs by mistake delete your .htaccess file.


Change link to Previous

Log in to your account, Go to settings>Permalinks and click on save changes button.

Install the Redirection Plugin

This plugin replaces old permalinks and pointing to the new link.

5. Stuck in Maintenance Mode


This error only occurs whenever your WordPress is interrupted or unfinished.


Delete the .Maintenance File

Access to your site root directory via FTP and delete the .maintenance file. Once it deletes, the maintenance mode should be normal.

Keep in mind, this file is usually hidden if you want to need then click on ‘show hidden file’.



We hope this solution helps to resolve the WordPress error that you are encountering. If any other errors occur and it’s not mentioned in the list kindly drop it as a comment, we are always helping to resolve your issues.

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