Fake Customer Blocker for WooCommerce

Block your unwanted spammy customers who come to your site and just download free items with fake email addresses and test user details.

Fake Customer Blocker for WooCommerce

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WooCommerce Security Add-on to block Spammers

There are lots of possibility to get fack orders on your free items. Generally, developers and first time visitor come to your site and then make free items orders via using fake emails like admin@xyz.com but whether you will try to send them an email for future references, you will notice that you’re getting high number of bounce rate. Just because those are not valid email addresses.

How to secure your WooCommerce store from this type of fack orders?

We created one WooCommerce add-on to stop this type of spamming activity. Checkout below features for same!!

Fake Customer Blocker Features

Block emails for Banned Domains

List out all domains one per line to secure your checkout for multiple domains.

Block new orders with Errors or Notices

Provide UX to get an idea for end users why they can’t make an order.

Block existing fake Orders

We care about your existing orders also. Fake customers can’t download their items.

Custom Error

Custom error messages on checkout, new user registration and order downloads.

Easy to Install and Setup

Easy to install from beginner level to expert developers via following guidelines.

Brief Detailed Documentation

Detailed documentation available to understand plugin flow, features and options.

Post Meta

Select toggle to show/hide post meta information with the post loop or showcase.

Social Share

Showcase social share buttons with different style and effects to get social boost.

Screenshots Gallery

Installation Process

  1. Go to Plugin -> Add New
  2. Click on Upload Plugin and browser and select fake-customer-blocker.zip then click on Install Now button
  3. To active Fake Customer Blocker Plugin, click on Active button

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Fake Customer Blocker plugin gives you ability to block mulitple domains same time. You just need to wite all those domains one by one per new line.

Go to Fake Customer Blocker settings page under WooCommerce menu and write text ‘test’ with new line and click on Save Changes button. Now, customers can’t create an order with any email address which contain text like test.

Yes, there are options available in backend as admin can update the messages like email message, account details message, downloads message.

Yes, current price is $9 as an introductory price and that will be increase time by time.

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1 review for Fake Customer Blocker for WooCommerce

  1. Varun Sridharan

    Awesome plugin!

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