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Staffing power is an employment services agency to help job seekers and employers to find the right match. We have staff with 31+ years of combined experience. In the staffing industry supports an industry-specific software program with the ability to do our payroll. Most importantly, Staffing power, due to its local, independent ownership. You can make immediate decisions for their associates, and as well as clients. We have a unique, comprehensive Risk Management Program, which assures qualify candidates place with our clients.

For Employers, we want to be your business partner in resolving any staffing, and as well as recruiting challenges you face. Think of Staffing power as an extension of your HR Department. Also, we help you “mine through” all the obstacles and find the right person for your company.

For Candidates, we are a high-powered search engine designed to cut through the layers, and as well as layers of jobs that are near. What you are looking for but not quite. We are on your side!

If you are an employer, who is looking for that champion to complete your team, and a candidate looking for that World Class company. You can make a difference, then partner with Staffing power. We’ve been preparing for you.

There are two different categories of benefit plans. The Staffing power makes available to its employees, and as well as Associates. The first category includes plans that we are required by Federal or State law to provide. The second category includes plans that are not required by law. We offer to attract and retain quality personnel.

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