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The widget package contains (mostly visual) UI elements to use on your Application screen. Plus, you can create your stuff. To create a widget, add View or a subclass. You need to create two new files to use your device in the XML layout. Here is a list of files that you will want to make to achieve a custom widget.

Java implementation file – that’s the file that implements the widget code. Plus, you can instantiate an object from the XML layout. You will also need to encode a constructor. That retrieves all attribute values from the XML layout file. XML definition file – an XML file in res/ values/that defines the XML element used to instantiate your widget and the features it holds.

This element and features use by other applications in their XML layout. Layout XML [optional]-An optional XML file inside Res/ Layout/ that defines the layout of your widget. You can do it in your Java file code, too.

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