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True Metal Works However you create, whatever the cause that drives you, it’s part of who you are. We know you because we are you. Mike, Founder of TMW (True Metal Works), has been drawing since he could hold a pencil and has been putting his designs on shirts or stickers since he was a teenager. Karen is actively involved in local politics, and John, well, let’s just say he expresses his creative side in “other” ways.

There are a just a few steps to digitize your design and put it on a lapel pin, iron-on patch, or whatever you want!

  • Draw, etch, scribble, and send us the file (or napkin). We’ll help you convert it into the format needed.
  • Once the file is created, we’ll send you a proof to review. Once you approve it, off to production!
  • The finished product brings you tears of joy.

True Metal Work has a team of artists, creative nerds, and activists dedicated to bringing your art to life.

You’ve always been creative, scribbling on errant scraps of paper, fingers stained with ink or lead or spray paint. You feel your beliefs down to your very core – and have no problem sharing those beliefs with others. It often feels physically painful to not speak out. However you create, whatever the cause that drives you, it’s part of who you are.

Taking your art, your creative work, your voice, and turning it into an enamel pin has never been easier. Enamel pins have never been more popular – and they’re pretty affordable!

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