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At Getbluntless, we believe in wellness options that work for your lifestyle: motivating the mind, steadying the body, and as well as inspiring creativity at your discretion. Bluntless connects you to dispensaries in your area facilitating discreet ordering, and as well as deliveries to your residence.

So you live in a state that has legal cannabis, but you aren’t sure where to begin. Don’t worry! That is what Bluntless is for – Check out the blog for our Strain of The Week.

How It Works

In Getbluntless, verify your identity, shop with our partner dispensaries, pay, and wait for delivery. It’s that simple! Must have a valid ID, be 21 and over or have a medical marijuana prescription card to order on our platform.

Bluntless abides by all recreational, and as well as medicinal cannabis laws. When you first sign up. You will have to verify by uploading your State ID or Drivers License and/or medical marijuana card. Once verified, you are ready to order.

We partner with local dispensaries to connect you with a huge variety of cannabis products. If you are a dispensary interested in partnering with Bluntless.

Once you place your order. Choose to pay through our app with Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal, or our payment gateway through Stripe. Our drivers do not accept or carry cash.

After your order is placed. It will be dispatched to the nearest, available courier, and as well as delivered to your door.

Note: Bluntless will ONLY deliver to residences. Interested in driving for Bluntless.

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