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Banned Domains

There are a number of live websites available online where you can create a fake email address for 24 hours to one month. If you’re providing any free items with your WooCommerce store then generally customers will use those email address services and create a user account with your site and download those free items.

Where business perspective, we may send an email to our customers regularly via newsletters or discount coupons to their dashboard. But, the customer used a fake email address on checkout or website registration then we have to forget that client for future record.

So, it’s important to ban all those domains which are creating these type of free email service providers or free domains.

ex. armyspy.com, cuvox.de, einrot.com, gustr.com, rhyta.com, dayrep.com, teleworm.us, etc. that I picked from http://www.fakemailgenerator.com

Let’s write all these types of the above domains in text-area, one domain per line. (See the screenshot below)

Banned Domains - Customer Blocker for WooCommerce

Note:* We are not encouraging people to use fake email address with any WooCommerce store where this plugin not installed with the site.

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