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Admin Settings for Fake Customer Blocker

This section guides you, how to setup Admin (Backend) settings and for which purposes which settings required.

Step by Step Guide to understand Backend Settings

When you install the Fake Customer Blocker for WooCommerce plugin for the first time on your WordPress powered website, you get the default settings with the plugin. Please go to the Fake Customer Blocker page under WooCommerce section in the backend.

There are 4 input fields there:

1) Banned Domains

This text-area field gives you control to block single domain or multiple domains for email addresses to stop checkout and registration process. When someone tries to checkout with the banned domains, and if that user blocked then a friendly error message is displayed on the login screen.

2) Checkout Page Message

When customers are trying to use email addresses with banned domains then a user will get the frontend error message and that error message will be handled with this text-area.

3) Register/ Edit Profile Page Message

Inform end-user customers about their spamming activities with the site. And if that related to fake email addresses used by the customers then website registration (not from WooCommerce order) and edit profile page will show you notice message. This error message will be controlled with this text-area.

4) Downloads Message

This message available for existing orders. If a customer already created an order with fake email addresses and once they are trying to download from orders page then the customer will get this error message as they are not eligible to download this item or for order.

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