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Add Shortcodes


Shortcodes are the code snippets that you can simple copy and paste to your page/post where you want to display the creative timeline.

1. Timeline Title:

You can set the creative timeline title.

2. Category:

 Select categories to filter creative timeline posts.

3. Select Layout:

These content settings are divided into two distinct sections.

  1. Classic Timeline
  2. Artistic Timeline

4. Select Date Formats:

Select Date Formats:

  • F j January 1 (F j)
  • F j Y January 1 2022 (F j Y)
  • Y-m-d 2022-01-01 (Y-m-d)
  • m/d/Y 01/01/2022 (m/d/Y)
  • d/m/Y 01/01/2022 (d/m/Y)
  • F j Y g:i A January 1 2022 12:30 PM (F j Y g:i A)
  • Y 2022(Y)

5. Display Number of Posts:

Write a number for the number of posts. That you want to show as creative timeline post items.

6. Icon:

Yes or No to decide whether to Display Icons In creative timeline Story.

7. Order:

Select sorting order as Ascending or Descending.

8. Order By:

Select order by date, title, ID, random etc. for post loop.


 Classic Timeline:

[creative-timeline timeline-title="Classic Timeline Story " category="company-history" layout="classic" date-format="F j Y" show-posts="10" icons="YES" order="ASC" orderby="meta_value"]

 Artistic Timeline:

[creative-timeline timeline-title="Artistic Timeline Story " category="company-history" layout="artistic" date-format="F j Y g:i A" show-posts="10" icons="NO" order="DESC" orderby="date"]
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