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Admin Settings for Bonus Product

This section guides you, how to setup Admin (Backend) settings and for which purposes which settings required.

Step by Step Guide to understand Backend Settings

When you install the Bonus Product for WooCommerce plugin for the first time on your WordPress powered website, you get the default settings with the plugin. Please go to the Bonus Product tab page under the WooCommerce settings section in the backend.

There are 3 subsections under that settings panel and one individual option with the edit product page.

1) General

This section gives you default control of plugin settings that will apply globally with the WooCommerce store after plugin activation and required settings. General Options and Bonus Label Options are the key part of the subsection tab.

2) Filters

When an administrator, store owner or shop manager want to provide bonus discount only with the specific criteria then this subsection setting very useful to them. For example, want to provide Bonus Product permission to only Accessories, Clothing and Music product categories then select those categories under Category Filter and Bonus Product availability will start showing with those products on the frontend.

3) Permissions

Provide a permission of bonus product settings to the selected user via user role. Just you need to select the user role for what you want to give access. And then, they can manage plugin settings whenever they want. We recommend giving access to maximum to Shop Manager role to avoid any security concern.

4) Individual Bonus Product option with Edit Product

If you are thinking to provide a very specific product as Bonus Product with the selected product then this is the best choice for you. Yes, you should need to maintain individual product settings to apply that option as a number of bonus products for the cart page drop-down.

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